Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank you!

First month update:

Since mid-January, I have been absolutely amazed by the overwhelming response our apps have received.  I never expected such a warm response (and certainly not instantly).  We have gone from being virtually unknown to being one of the top names in paranormal research applications in the span of one measly lunar cycle.

Thanks to all of you, we have been topping the Play Store charts in Top New Paid Tools, Top Paid Tools, Top Grossing Tools and in ALL Top New Paid Android Apps. I have already exchanged emails with several people who have had amazing stories, encouragement and useful input. The aforementioned input has already been implemented in several of our apps, and we welcome any suggestions.  We strive to make the best REAL ghost hunting applications out there, and won't rest until the decision is unanimous.

Thank you.

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