Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love my job.


I have finally found my calling. And I didn't even see it coming.  I am finally brave enough to not need to "clock in" to feel like I'm contributing. More importantly, I am comfortable saying "I'm a paranormal investigator". The reason why? There are people, lots of people out there who want answers. People who need help.

I respect the privacy of my clients, so I won't use names...but with my particular skill set, I can explain why your daughter is getting mysterious scratches. Or why your cat refuses to enter the bedroom. I can help to make your sleepless nights go away. And I can definitely try my best to put you in contact with those you miss and love. I can point someone in the right direction to get the answers to the questions they're too afraid to ask. No job that I could land can do all of that.

To me, this is far more important than selling you that TV, cleaning your air ducts, delivering that pizza, or running that register. None of those things connect with me (or maybe anyone) on an emotional level. I've never welcomed the new day's challenges as I do now.

Several things that I have said, heard, or things that have been said to me are running through my head. I have no marketable skills...I can't afford to miss work...I wish had more time for my family...

I would like to imprint these words into the minds of anyone who reads this, whether you're interested in the paranormal or not. This is YOUR life. Make sure you are living it, because it is ending one day at a time. Please wake up.

To all of my customers, clients, family and loved ones. Thank you.

See you on the other side,

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