Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowed in...

Huge snowstorm here in the Midwest today, so I'm indoors. I'll be catching up on emails (if you are expecting to hear from me, but haven't heard from me today yet, hit me up). I may even build a custom ghost box or two for you and your team if anyone is interested. We can go over designs, how it will operate and pricing.

I have a couple of new EVP software products up on the our Google Play store, Gaia and EVP Enhancer. Gaia utilizes the Schumann resonances to create powerful sonic energy for EVP captures. It's kind of like a combination EM pump/white noise/spirit box hybrid. I tested it out in one of our bedrooms and got some interesting results. There is the same voice, consistently, of an old  man on the recording. I set up using my EVP Recorder app and ran Gaia at full volume.

Afterwards, I was curious to see if I could reproduce the same results without having to record, wait and review, so EVP Enhancer was born. I worked on figuring out what frequencies and methods were successful in capturing the old man's voice and built a custom audio engine, actually 5 of them. The way EVP Enhancer works runs all 5 audio engines simultaneously, each one with a different carrier signal of random noise every 12th to 8th of a second, approximately. Somehow, the old man's voice and several others CARRY OVER each signal, so my software has done the debunking for me. There is no logical way that any consistent sound could be heard for more than a fraction of a second. The sweep is so fast, yet the spirit voices just keep talking.

In other news, March 23rd is the official start of the "Paranormal Bucket List". I can't wait. Hopefully the snow is gone by then.

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